Bread of Life Church is also composed of various ministries

Due to an increase in membership, the church has built the Blessing Centre that house approximately 10,000 people in the main auditorium. It  stands to be the largest single auditorium in the nation of Zambia. The Blessing Centre is situated at the corner of Vubu and Lumumba roads in Emmasdale, Lusaka.


The children ministry is the ministry which runs Sunday School Classes for the church. The ministry can be traced as far back as the history of the church, and over the years it has produced a number of graduates from Sunday school, most of whom are now responsible church members holding positions in various ministries. The ministry runs on a membership of 40 teachers, led by the superintendent who is assisted by an administrative wing, composed of the chairperson, the assistant and a committee. Read More


The vision of the church states: “Bringing tens of thousands into the Kingdom.’ which implies that there will be thousands of people coming to Bread of Life Church.

Counseling Ministry is one responsible to nurture them (people) to relative maturity in the Christian faith. This responsibility lies on shoulders of counseling through different arms namely:

the evangelism campaigns, the foundation or beginning class, the baptism (doctrinal) class, the telephone/distant counseling,

the follow-up/visitation counseling, counselors training (all branches).

The ministry has various activities ranging from leaders retreats, seminars, braai and many more


Christian Professional Ministry

Christian Professionals Ministry (CPM) is a dynamic marketplace ministry of Bread of Life Church International (BLCI) for the effective interaction, moulding and enabling of professionals within the church to serve God in and outside the church using their respective individual and collective life mandates, callings, gifting, qualifications and passions. CPM was launched in 2014.Read More


One of the main stay of this Ministry is to develop financial pillars and foster strong relations among the men; spiritually, physically, financially and socially. Membership caters for all men at Church. All the men are encouraged to join this ministry.


Firstly, the Ministry of Prayer and Intercession is an engine and power house of the church. Scripturally, the identity of the church is prayer. Jesus, quoting Isaiah 56:7 in Mathew 21:13 says to them, “It has been written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer.’ But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.'” Secondly, this ministry was born through God’s vision given to our Father in the Lord, the General Overseer of Bread of Life Church International, His Grace Bishop Dr. Joseph Imakando of bringing thousands into the Kingdom of God, feeding them with the Bread of Life and possessing the land. Read More


General Hospitality team serves as front desk by welcoming visitors who come to church for Sunday Service for the first time. The General Overseer invites them in front after the service, shakes hands and prays for them.

We serve them with tea, coffee or juice with snacks.  The Pastor on duty further extends a hand of welcome and gives information on church activities and programs etc.

We keep record of the visitors’ slips and hand them over to the Counselling Ministry for follow ups.


To provide hospitality to the General Overseer and his guests on Sundays, during conferences and other related meetings. Our aim is to uphold integrity and create a good image of the Church by ensuring that our guests feel  welcome and comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Ushering Ministry

Bread of life Church International attaches great importance to the warfare and safety of people that come to worship God.  It was for this reason that Ushering Ministry was Created.

The Bread of life Ushering Ministry is a fine blend of Both the Youth and Mature, whose objective is to welcome people into the house of God with love, warmth and friendliness so that they would be encouraged to return.

The Ministry of Ushering is a vital part any Church Ministry. Ushers represent the Church in a very visible way, and help set the tone in preparation for a worship service, as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service. 

An usher is a person, whose prime responsibility is to offer formal etiquette services both to dignified officials and to the entire body of Christ. Read More


The Couples and Marriages Fellowship is the ministry responsible for all matters pertaining to marriage relationships at Church. Its main objective is to ensure that the Church has stable and happy marriages that honor and glorify God. The ministry organizes Church wedding services, couples meetings, training of counsellors and a couple’s dedication class.



Joshua Generation is the Youth, Students and Young Adults Ministry of Bread of Life Church International. It is mandated with an assignment to raise spirit-filled young believers that are empowered and positioned to take over and influence various spheres of life and the marketplace with the Kingdom of God. This is anchored on the prophetic word received from the General Overseer, Bishop Joe Imakando in 2002 that the youth will bring revival to the church and rise to take over with a leadership like that of Joshua, who was bold, courageous and lived by the standard of the word of God. Read More

Music Ministry

This is the ministry which functions as the heart of Praise and Worship at church. It is responsible for Sunday worship, singing auditions, holding of concerts in order to enhance the quality of praise and worship. In conformity with the vision of bringing thousands into the kingdom, feed them with bread of life and possess the land, the ministry endeavors to attract thousands of people by creating a good and conducive atmosphere for preaching God’s word. The music paves the way for preaching. This ministry expects to win souls through music. Other activities included; ministry during funerals, weddings and conference performances. Concerts are also organized to promote creativity and diversity in gospel music. To develop and promote a true lifestyle of praise and worship at church, to identify, train and establish gifted musicians and singers and promote composition and production of original music. The ministry is divided in two main groups: Emmanuel Praise, (15-24 years old) and Main Praise (25-50 years old) membership recruitments are done within the church. Interviews (vocal & musical) are conducted and interns are put on probation for three months.

Worship Service